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Morning routines of happy women: the fashion MD

Disco workouts, outfit building, and the perfect creamy scrambled eggs - this is what a morning looks like for Fiona Lambert, Managing Director of Jaeger

What wakes you up in the morning?

I set an alarm on my phone on weekdays. At weekends I don’t, but my body clock tends to wake me up at a similar time.  

And at what time?

Depending on whether I’m travelling from my home in Leicester to work in London or if I’m working locally, it can be between 5.45am and 6.30am. Roll on summer months when it’s light in the morning – much more civilised!  

What’s the very first thing you do on waking?

Is this TMI? I reach out to my husband of nearly 30 years and either hold his hand or give him a cuddle. Then the important task of putting the kettle on and feeding our two rescue cats. 

Do you bounce out of bed or do you need to be dragged from the bed, still clutching your duvet?

I’m most definitely a morning person! I am one of those annoying people that’s instantly awake, my mind already starting to buzz for the day ahead. 

What’s the first thing you drink? Eat?

Having read that starting the day with a glass of hot water with lemon is a good way to kick start your body, I’ve launched that for 2022. It’s swiftly followed by two coffees so not so virtuous! 

How do you set the mood for the day?

I always try to get my exercise done 4-5 a week before breakfast and it’s always high energy like HIIT, Tabata or boxing, usually accompanied by upbeat disco. I feel exhilarated, alive with endorphins – and it means I don’t have to find excuses later in the day not to exercise!

Who else shares your morning space?

My daughter has recently started working at the same company M&S (Jaeger being part of the M&S family), so I now have a new flatmate who has a tendency to borrow my make-up. We get on extremely well, so she’s forgiven. 

What’s on the radio/podcast/TV?

I always start the day with BBC breakfast news to catch up on what is happening. 

What skincare/beauty products do you swear by?

I did Dry January this year and have been drinking 2-3 litres of water a day. I have noticed a significant change to the skin around and above my eyes, so that’s my new favourite! I take Absolut Collagen every day which also improves skin and plumps it up and using NYK1 has given me long, fluttery eyelashes for the first time in my life!

What’s the first thing you do outside?

When I’m in London I walk to work. Getting daylight and starting to produce serotonin helps you sleep better. I love to people watch, check out the shop windows, scout new restaurants. I am innately curious, which helps me create clothes that fit people’s lifestyles.

When do you first check your emails/phone, etc?

I’m very lucky to have the dream role as MD of Jaeger, with the far-from-onerous task of repositioning and reinvigorating the brand and making it once again a successful, creative, and innovative brand it was in its heyday. As we’re launching lots of new ranges, I’m excited to read the daily sales to see what’s working, what’s not and learning quickly. I’m really looking forward to seeing our new SS22 collections launching in March as I’m proud of what the Jaeger team have created. 

How do you choose what to wear?

After a 35-year career in fashion I have saved many beautiful pieces. I started my life as a designer and pattern cutter and I’ve always bought items that are my own style rather than in fashion. It’s all in my wardrobe, sorted by colour and style! When I wake up, I will open the doors and one piece will leap out and I quickly build an outfit up from that piece, often mixing and matching new combinations. 

If you were breakfasting out, what’s your favourite local spot and why?

I’m lucky to be based in Marylebone when in London, so I have a plethora of lovely restaurants available to me. Fischer’s on Marylebone High St does the most perfect, creamy scrambled egg and smoked salmon. 

If you could wake up anywhere and with anyone, who would it be?

I’m really close to my family and Italy is my favourite country in the world to stay. To wake up with my husband, children and parents on a sunny morning in a villa in Sicily or Tuscany, with vistas of sparkling blue sea or rolling hills as we eat breakfast outside, knowing we have a day soaking in the language, the gastronomic delights, the art, the architecture and the history would be ideal.  

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