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  • vine wrapped arbour white flowers patio

    5 smart landscape garden tips

    We here at Muddy are renowned gardening divs. (Is that a weed or a plant? Erm, dunno.) But even we can get on board with The Oxfordshire Gardener's top tips landscaping your green space, whatever its size.

  • Joe’s April garden tips

    TV presenter, author and gardener Joe Swift is now also a performer - but no giving up the day job, Swifty, til you've sorted out my mossy undergrowth.

  • A Man About the Garden: Joe Swift at Hertford Theatre

    Love a bit of Gardners' World on the telly? GQT on the radio? Have to admit, gardening shows are a bit of a guilty pleasure here at Muddy Towers -- although my predilection for gardening is more about voyeurism than actual doing of things. I like admiring other people's perfect plots -- and, occasionally, watching Mr C while he's doing a spot of weeding. (You've missed one, my muddy love...)

  • ‘Houses’, by Peter Adlington

    If you love modern buildings like I do, Peter Adlington's newly released book The Houses is required reading. Adlington, who lives in Haddenham, Bucks, only built 9 full houses as an architect, but in a remarkable achievement they are all Grade II listed - more than any other architect in the UK - and this book shows them all, from original sketches and hand-drawn plans through to the original Sixties and Seventies photos from the properties.

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