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The only 5 resolutions you need to keep in 2021

January is traditionally a time for making ridiculous promises and then feeling shame by failing to keep them. Not this year: we’ve been through enough.

Think fit not fat
Hands up: how many of us embarked on an exercise programme in the first few weeks of lockdown only to slowly ease up after it became apparent that not only were we not going on holiday anytime soon, but that we also wouldn’t be returning to work, or indeed seeing anyone outside our immediate family in the next six months? Yes, me too. But I did try. But where was the impetus to keep going? There was no need to slip into tailored dresses and trousers for work, nor was I going to sashay down a tropical beach anytime soon, so my wardrobe shrunk to five outfits (all with lycra and elasticated waists, I should add). But what I did get out of my exercise spree was how good it made me feel, physically and mentally. I realised that what I look like is a by-product; it’s how exercise makes me feel that is important. So this January I’m back in my trainers for the good of my spirit and drive. Who’s with me?


Do what makes you happy
Lockdown taught us lots of things: 1: how to make bread; 2: there’s no such thing as too much TV; 3: glasses and face masks do not mix. It also made us reconsider our careers, our work life balance, even our relationships – and hammered home what is really important, namely staying healthy, not earning loads but enough to keep food on the table, and using our time in positive and constructive ways. It’s safe to say the world will never quite be the same; certainly the 9-5 office narrative is on its way out as is the dominant idea (still! WTA???) that women will pick up the day-to-day childcare. So maybe we should all make this seismic moment count and rethink what it is that will make our lives and the lives of those around us better? Clue: grinding 60-hour weeks in a city office might not be the answer.


Keep it local 
Another lesson learned from 2020 is the power and importance of community. From a five-minute chat with your neighbours after Thursday evening’s Clap for Carers to being able to order fresh eggs, bread and milk from your local butchers, all of us would have been considerably worse off had it not been for the simple kindness and provision of those we live close to. Lockdown showed how vital a lifeline local businesses are, not only in delivering goods and necessities, but providing a hub and sense of belonging. At Muddy, we’ve always been advocates of buying local but we had no idea just how much we needed our communities until lockdown arrived – precisely why we set up The Indie Store. A curated platform showing the very best of what our brilliant local businesses have to offer. Whether you shopped via Muddy or through any of the other fantastic pop-ups that wanted to support local, keep going, they need it.


Plan (a bit)
When every day is the same (wake up, eat, wash up, try to work, eat, wash up, try to work, eat, wash up, sleep), they all just merge into each other. Can you remember anything different about days in March compared to days in August apart from the fact that some were hot and some weren’t? Exactly. So let’s change that for a start. While we may not be able to travel abroad anytime soon we can get our diaries out and start packing our free time with fun UK based adventures. Which leads nicely onto the next point…


Prioritise the people you love
If anything was put into sharp relief this year, it was how important it is to be around the people who make us happy. So many of us were parted from elderly parents or graduate children, old friends and faraway siblings, and no matter how positively you frame it, it’s time lost together. So, this year – once restrictions have lifted and they will lift – book those holidays and weekends away, get the family together for big meals, actually do all the stuff that up until now you’ve just talked about. Let’s make 2021 count.


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