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  • Get your sexy back

    Keep the holiday vibes going with a little fake tan, a goblet of G&T and 25% off boutique bedlinen at Draper London

  • All about the artisans

    This unusual woven drinks tray has our name - and our G&Ts - on it. Limited edition, handmade, definitely not from Ikea - we love artisan interiors brand Craft Editions.

  • The hot new interiors trends

    Ready to revamp your home? We SO have your back on this one!

  • 15 Collingwood is just ‘fabulous’

    Beautiful mid-century and modern movement design classics mixed with industrial and reproduction furniture, it's all high quality, but most notably (to Philistine Muddy at least), it's VERY affordably priced.

  • Snoopers Bazaar Interiors: Cool, Quirky, Unmissable

    A clean, chic, airy space filled with glorious French, antique and industrial furniture and gifts — all warm wood, sheepskin and stars. Whether you want a quiet browse or the thrill of the chase, Snoopers Bazaar is for you. Two separate creative friends of mine, both with a great eye, told me I had to go. So, armed with my trusty […]

  • Wouldn’t you though?

    Chic new scented candle brand SevenSeventeen gets its name from that magical time in the evening when its founders finally herd their children into bed - and relaaaaax. We hear you, sisters - and we love your fragrances too...

  • Mid-century modern chair to lust over

    I'm on a bit of an odyssey for a mid-century style chair that doesn't look I've picked it out of the Sixties cliché manual and begads, I think I've found it!

  • The Muddy house updated

    I am usually the great proscrastinator when it comes to interiors. Sometimes the indecision is related to the cost – sofas, for example, are a nightmare and can only be attempted as new purchases once every ten years for fear of totally doing my head in – but other times it can just be the […]

  • Wouldn’t you though?

    Wowsa, I love this solid oak chandelier! I came across it at the awesome Life at Nettlebed interiors emporium near Henley and was gobsmacked...

  • Wouldn’t you though?

    Look, even the winter birdies love this Christmas rug! It's by Tolly McCrae, a young Cotswolds brand that I've had my beady eye on for a while.

  • OKA’s arrived in Marlow!!

    I bring you tidings of great joy. No shepherds or children in stables (though I do like to put my kids in the attic when they’re naughty – does that count?). But lo! The arrival of the upmarket, covetable, totally delicious OKA interiors store in Marlow, just in time for last minute Christmas me-me-me purchases. […]

  • Ta-da! Secret Messages rebrands

    What a difference a year makes. Secret Messages Emporium launched in 2014, won the Muddy Awards later that year, and has grown so massively that it’s now reinvented itself – no more vintage clutter, now a cool, stylish, retro-trendy interiors store. So now you can expect a lot more beautifully upholstered, bespoke furniture (Krys’s background […]

  • Wouldn’t you though?

    The trend for fairgrounds lights grows ever stronger, but you don't have to pay daft money any more. Check out these little beauties...

  • Getting crafty at Fabric HQ

    I can’t sew.  I mean, I can tack on a button or a Cub badge if I absolutely have to, but I could no more run up something lovely on a sewing machine (which I don’t have anyway) than I could abseil off the Eiffel Tower. Even knowing that, the lovely Jacqui Pursey and Rae […]

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