Elvis & Kresse


Elvis & Kresse was born from a desire to turn waste into something beautiful and useful. After a chance meeting with the London Fire Brigade, we had a light bulb idea. There is no traditional way to recycle old hoses but we fell in love with the rich, lustrous coils of red and the potential we saw then has turned into the award-winning range of luxury bags and accessories, all made from rescued materials, that you see today. With every bag made we donate 50% of our profits to the Fire Fighters Charity and a scholarship fund for female solar engineers at Barefoot College. Now we've expanded to use other reclaimed materials in our collections – we also use parachute silks and through a partnership with The Burberry Foundation, we rescue their incredible leather off-cuts. The end results are stunning, sustainable gorgeous goods – no two items are exactly the same and all are full of character with a story to tell.

Kresse Wesling and James Henrit

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