COFFEE BREAK: The Jam Factory, Oxford

7th Feb 2014

I’m in Oxford quite a bit at the mo, as I’m doing my little radio thing once a week, and it’s been really lovely finding bits of the city I haven’t been to before.

The Jam Factory has been around for ages as it happens, but unless you’re properly Oxford ‘local’, or spend a lot of time near the railway station, Said Business School, or  the bottom end of the city (think Glee comedy club, futon shop, ice rink, Worcester car parking for the theatre etc), you’re unlikely to have made it there.

The Jam Factory is probably one of the few family-owned indie cafe, restaurant, gallery spaces in Oxford – the owner has roped his sister in to organise the events, and even his parents are involved, with mum knitting fabulously kitch tea-cosies for the cafe tea-pot collection and baking the cakes and dad helping with the accounting. I mean, ahhhhh!


The space feels very urban, quite cool, a little bit grungy due to its position, but also very relaxed and tourist/drop-in/family friendly. Utterly brilliant for mums with buggies as there are acres of space to manoeuvre.


There’s a separate gallery that changes show every six weeks or so – quite groovy at the mo, plus more gallery space in the cafe where you can buy the goods (Athol Whitmore is currently showing in there).

I really loved it there and kind of wish I could lift it up and put it in a slightly higher-thoroughfare position.

Anyway, if you happen to be down that end of town, give it a go and as always, let me know what you think, good or bad. But, er, mostly good LOL!

The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street | Hollybush Row, Oxford OX1 1HU.

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