Wouldn’t you though?

5th Jan 2014

A cool beanie for a cool cause. Local supergroup The Mars Patrol are inching ever closer to making the big time, and have come up with a great way to employ a big name producer to mix the next 5 tracks of their album so that they can release it early next year.

Basically they’re self-funding the album by raffling off drum lessons (£40), Skype piano lessons (which I’d recommend – Matt, the keyboard player, is superlovely and teaches my kids), this rather natty beanie (£12) , sit-ins on rehearsals (£75) and even dinner out with the band (a slightly steep £400 – what are they serving, lobster?!). The band is 75% of the way to reaching their target but need to make the last 25% in a buttock clenching 5 days. Nothing like going down to the wire.

The Mars Patrol. Don't they line up nicely?

The Mars Patrol, coming to a warehouse near you.

Naturally, you’ll only think about donating if a) you like their music and b) you admire their entrepreneurism (which I do). I’m all for a local success story too – the drummer lives in Bucks and Matt in Oxfordshire ra-ra-ra  –  so I’ve have just purchased the beanie for my oldest son who seems to have decided overnight that revealing your hair to the outside world is  for losers.

If you want to hear what The Mars Patrol sound like, try this. And if you’d like to donate, click here.


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