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30th Oct 2013

mimi_BigRarely has writing a post on this blog given me so much pleasure LOL!

It’s one of the perks of being a journalist that I do often get sent lots of things to try out, but I can put my hand on my heart and say that until now, I’ve never been asked to review a, um, a self-help kit.


IMG_3356   The Je Joue ‘mimi’ has been designed by a lady who bought a vibrator and was horrified when it came fully branded, plastic and ‘rabbity’  in the post. If it had jigged around her living room groaning it couldn’t have been more obvious or embarrassing.

So she invented  whistle&hum – I mean, what a fantastic brand name!- and the Je Joue, an upmarket, discreet, very elegant little device designed to give ultimate pleasure for minimum embarrassment. Look at this packaging – it’s more like an upmarket beauty brand than anything else. The oils, below (Desire, Love, Shine) could be for the bath!


The Je Joue is an ‘outsider’ (I’ll leave it at that) but there are also ‘all rounders’, ‘rabbits and ‘find the g spot’-ers in the arsenal of tricks offered by whistle&hum.  The website is tasteful, grown up and helpful. No innuendo or silly giggling. This a business in the business of helping grown up women make the most of their free time.

I hope you are not expecting me to tell you whether Je Joue works or not in any practical way. I mean, come on, that’s just super pervy. I can tell you that it looks a bit like the stones in a hot stone massage, that it feels smooth to touch, that it’s smaller-than-handsized, that it’s waterproof. I had a lot of fun with my French friend Pauline (no, not like that), half-cut in the kitchen, making Je Joue vibrate so fast it tickled my hand, and then slowing it down to more, er, pleasant levels. Basically, there’s plenty of variation to suit all tastes.

Choose from a variety of colours (I think the aubergine version I was sent was very tasteful but it also comes in pink, lilac and black) and prepare for a sharp intake of breath as you hear the price – around £70. But honestly, when you see it, you’ll think it value for money compared to its tacky competitors, and if you’re into vibrators and all that jiggy jazz, I think you’ll agree wholeheartedly with the tagline. ‘Your day just got better’!





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