The Xmas party season countdown begins!

30th Sep 2013

Just what I love to wear out to a Christmas party

Read Muddy every day and your breasts will look like this. Fact!

I was horribly ill last week and didn’t make it to my regular boot camp once. Felled by a sniveling common cold (I know, not even a posh one!) that took hold of my head and squeeeeezed until my eyeballs exploded.

It’s kind of frustrating when you’ve been feeling healthy and getting into the swing of exercising, then you’re forced to stop, because it’s really hard to get your head back in that enthusiastic fitness/work-life balance space when you restart again isn’t it? You feel like your fitness has gone backwards and everything is a massive effort.

woman stretching before run

Which is a long winded way of saying I wasn’t in the mood for my boot camp session yesterday morning at all. It took a monumental mental effort – and one look at my horrifically untidy kitchen – to push me out of the house and into the fresh air. And of course, having done my shuttle runs, press ups and that jazz, I felt much better, both about myself and my day to come. It also happened to hit me shortly afterwards that it’s 2 months exactly before the Christmas party season starts – so that’s just 60 days to get in shape. Still time enough to make a big difference, but not enough to time to procrastinate, which has given me another kick up the bum.

gymgear girl

By the way, if you’re in the same boat as me and need a bit of a rocket to force you into action, the Muddy deal with George’s Boot Camp is still on the go, where you get a free trial week (you can go every day if you want), and also a free telephone coaching session with George. The phone call is particularly fun as a) you don’t need to move from your couch and b) you can wax on for hours about how skinny you once were and how your  ghastly children have done unmentionable things to your core muscles.

I’ve been boot-camping for 4 weeks now (or 3 if you discount last week), during which time I’ve been away to three hotels, eaten out 7 times and thrown a boozy party. It is therefore some kind of miracle that I have marginally lost weight and definitely toned up. You can go along and see gorgeous George (for ’tis true, he is quite easy on the eye) chatting about nutrition and fitness at a free seminar on Wednesday evening in Thame if you want to suss him out first.  Then come to a class and have a good laugh at the red-faced out-of-breath slacker in the corner. Yep, it’s me!

George’s Boot Camp runs sessions in Thame and Oxford six days a week. Well, I guess even personal trainers need a lie in on Sunday.

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