F***ing brilliant!

13th Sep 2013

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Yesterday I posted this hilarious drinking website on twitter, but it dawned on me that quite a few of you won’t have seen it (not being on twitter and all that). So here it is, on the main blog, to give you a giggle on your Saturday morning.

I’m not a fan of swearing when I write  – you won’t see much of it on Muddy. Not because I’m prudish (heaven forbid!) , but because it always seems a bit lazy to use a swear word when there’s a better word available. I’m just so, you know, principled!

On wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com though, I think the swearing is absolutely sensational. Have a look and you’ll see what I mean. I laughed out loud as I was surfing around it. You’ll see there’s also wherethefuckshouldigotoeat.com, accessible from the same site – so many ways to expand this charming idea!

(Apologies to those who don’t find this as funny as me – but there you can’t please everyone all the time, can you?).


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  • Reply
    Blackberry Cottage , September 16, 2013

    Ooo, those are our gluten free cakes, thanks for the mention. :)

    • Reply
      muddystiletto , September 16, 2013

      You’re welcome Blackberry Cottage! I’m sure they’re delicious.

  • Reply
    Nicky Richardson , September 16, 2013

    There is also a very nice cafe on the other side of the river in Goring. I can’t remember what it’s called but I think it is the only one. It was certainly popular and did home made salads, soups and cakes in attractive rustic tea shoppe type surroundings.