Wouldn’t you though?

1st Sep 2013

Zatchel, LifestyleNow this is what I call a study bag! Just loving these fantastic zingy leather satchels from Zatchel, an upmarket UK brand with an obvious sense of fun.

I have a weakness for yellow and I’m feeling pretty sunny, so I’m featuring this 14.5″ version in bright yellow, but you can choose from all kind of colours including purple, green, orange, chestnut, or even black if you want to be all emo about it. The 14.5″  costs £100 while the 11.5″ version sets you back £86.

The satchels are hand-stitched, 100% leather and made in the UK so they tick all the ‘right-on’ boxes. Best of all, they’re available locally. Gorgeous giftshop Lifestyle stocks them in its Wallingford and Wantage stores, or you can buy them online if you can’t quite be bothered to move from your sofa (like, er, me).

Perfect as presents for kids and teens, or what the hell, a teensy pre-Christmas gift to yourself.

Zatchels, available at www.thelifestyleboutique.co.uk from £86.


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