Marc Jacobs Honey scent: design dream or disaster?

27th Jul 2013

Marc Jacobs honey scent

Marc Jacobs new scent Honey has just been unveiled and, well, erm, I’m kind of scratching my head.

The official line from magazines (which of course covet the advertising) is that the bottles are cool and quirky and kitsch. Is it just me? I’m totally put off by the bottle – to me it looks like it’s designed for primary school kids, yet the prices are very grown up: £50 for 50ml or £68 for 100ml.


I guess if the fragrance is incredible all is forgiven but with top notes of pear, mandarin and peach, with vanilla base notes it sounds pretty sickly.

I have to put my hand up and say that I’m incredibly conservative with perfume – I’ve been wearing Chanel No 5 for decades – so perhaps my antennae are a bit skewy on this one.

So I’ll put it out to you guys. Would you buy this perfume?



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