OK, bring out the big guns, it’s PT time

18th Jun 2013

bum in pink knickers

Like any self-respecting modern women with three kids, a demanding job and a lamentable lack of self-discipline, I enjoy nothing more than my monthly promise-to-self to pull myself together, stop eating biscuits for breakfast and rediscover the figure I had when I was 16. I mean, how hard can it be?!

I missed a diet deadline last month – the one in which I promised myself I’d look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the Biarritz beach – but I’m delighted to say that I have a new goal to aim for, having booked a delightful family holiday among the Turkish riots in late summer.



With a new bikini crisis on the horizon, it has become embarrassingly plain that I can’t do this lose-weight-lark by myself – those Bourbons are just too pushy for my liking – so I have drafted in Muddy Stilettos’ award-winning personal trainer Emma ‘Slaverdriver’ Redding on a more permanent basis to steer the Muddy body to glory.

I used Emma (below in her home studio) once or twice last month out of curiosity mostly, and was quietly impressed by the way she allowed me to natter myself into breathless oblivion on the stationary bike and trick me into doing extra sets of lunges.

Emma Slavedriver Redding. Oh she's good.

Yesterday I went to see Emma again. My God I’m unfit! Someone please tell me they’re as gaspy and quivery and pathetic as me…  My upper arm muscles shook after a couple of repetitions with the dumb bells. My stomach muscles only allowed my shoulders to rise 3 inches off the ground for crunches.

It made me realise that, actually, I really do need to focus if I’m going to nail this boring old supermodel business and get that Victoria’s Secret contract. Or failing that, walk on the beach in a bikini that isn’t reinforced with steel.

So Emma, you have your work cut out for you. But hell, you’re the best personal trainer in Buckinghamshire, if you can’t do it, no-one can!

 Emma@buggyfit.co.uk. Tel: 07919 173846

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  • Reply
    Rachel Johnston , September 6, 2013

    I’ve just choked laughing on my Ryvita !

    “I’ve been pondering for a while how it’s possible to feel strongly, sincerely and slightly panicky that I need to be healthier, fitter, eat better – all the while munching on a chocolate brownie! Maybe that’s just a talent peculiar to me..”

    That’s me – healthy at lunch, and then scoff kids’ leftovers as I’m starving by teatime, then eat matching-size portion with husband far too late at night !

  • Reply
    Niki Cook , September 6, 2013

    Hi Hero
    I love your blog! I’ve been going to Geoges Bootcamp for a year and it is amazing! You get great support, learn loads about nutrition and it is actually fun (I know … Unbelievable!) loo forward to seeing you there if you make the Wednesday, friday or Saturday thame sessions!

    • Reply
      muddystiletto , September 6, 2013

      Thank you! Yes, I’ll be the one suffering at the back! x

  • Reply
    Emma Green , September 6, 2013

    Used to go to the one in Aylesbury. Great workouts!