Wouldn’t you though?

23rd Apr 2013

at home scrapwood wallpaper collection



Don’t you love this distressed wood?I could try for days to get this effect at a wood-painting workshop and would still fail totally. But. Aha! This happens to be a wallpaper. I discovered this supercool Piet Hein Eek range at the lovely¬†At Home interiors boutique in Buckingham a few weeks back, but the Scrapwood wallpaper range can also be found at Bodie & Fou and various other funky online interiors stores.

It’s not right for my Frank Lloyd Wright home (that moniker is kind of in my dreams still but you get the idea!) but it would be just fantastic by the coast or in the city, or anywhere where you craved a bit of rustic simplicity and natural beauty.

At Home, 1 Well St, Buckingham, MK18 1EW. Tel: 01280 821452. www.athomebucks.co.uk, 4 m x 0.5 m £199


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