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27th Jan 2013

wardrobe 3

I was at a fashion event before Christmas at Hartwell House and ended up sitting next to a very glamorous woman in a red designer dress, killer heels and just so accessories. So far, so jealous.

Well, we got to talking as you do, and I discovered that the as-it-happens lovely Suzie Hall (for it is she) runs a very successful online dress agency from Amersham in South Buckinghamshire, selling primarily designer but also posh high street clothing, accessories and shoes to fashion lovers.

Even better, it turns out that Suzie has been a fan of Muddy Stilettos for some time, so after a whirlwind romance here we are – she’s decided to hang her fascinator with us for a while. As for me, well, I love the fact that she’s been in the biz for 7 years, ships all around the world and still has a 100% ebay record (more than 3000 happy customers last year which is some feat). Also, her rates are great: 25% of the sale price (PayPal/ebay prices also account for about 15%) – so better than the usual 50/50 split from local agencies.

Have a gander at her shop here and then rootle at the back of your wardrobe. There’s money in those there clothes girls, we might as well get our claws on it!




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